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Intermittent FORECASTS

Hourly & Four Hourly Interval forecasts that are directly sent to the relevant authorities as well as the producer as well.


There has been zero downtime recorded in our past 3 years of forecasting experience. Our Back - Up Servers are running 24/7.

saved to the cloud

All the data generated is automatically saved to our server for 1 year and later on to the cloud for future use.

automateD repeating tasks

Forecasting and every data forwarding and saving is completely automated and run on dedicated servers for privacy & confidentiality.


The following payment plans are based on forecasting services for a 50MW wind farm capacity in Pakistan per month based on terms and conditions. 


Per month


Per month


Per month

Frequently asked questions

This service has been initiated due to intermittent weather forecasts of Wind Power Plants across the world where our Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Models have been trained to provide Power Generation forecasts based on the weather station data of particular area.

The service includes four hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly generation forecasts for a wind power plant. Multiple Dashboards and analysis are also provided with a 24/7 Customer Support with zero downtime of sending the forecasts to Central Power Purchasing Authority.

An yearly contract with the wind power plant to avail our services under an agreement due to which we as a service provider are liable to forecast their generation to CPPA/NTDC in Pakistan maintaining an accuracy of less than 10%.

With Pakistan going 50% transitioning to more than 45% of renewable energy with more than 1300MW of generation coming from Wind Power Plants, the generation itself is intermittent. So in order to keep the demand and supply at par, wind forecasting is required for the purchaser to maintain and keep track of managing the supply and demand.

These services are exclusively designed and integrated to serve the wind farms of Pakistan regardless government or privately owned.



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