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about us.

We are a diverse team of domain experts and data scientist working in the energy industry. Our services include intermittent energy forecasting, load monitoring and delivering customized optimization solutions to help our clients stay competitive in this increasingly fast paced world.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our clientele. We consistently update the quality of our work through our own research and stay adept through the use of the latest technological advances in the energy industry.

Our Services

Our service strategy revolves around user friendliness to help our solutions seamlessly integrate with your systems.

Our wind forecasting team uses the state-of-the-art AI models to deliver high accuracy forecasts across wind corridors.

Solar IPPs can use our highly localized power production forecasts to help optimize their operation.

Our dedicated team regularly delivers high impact insights and reports of energy consumption to businesses to empower them towards a more optimized consumption.

Our team

We foster effective management practices, with a skilled team of diverse professionals. Our dedication to innovation and excellence keeps us at the cutting edge of our field. We are confident that our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients will continue to propel us forward.
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Mohsin Jamil

Data Engineer

Ahmad Nadeem

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Wasif Tahir

Lead Data Scientist

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Data Analyst

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Ameera Arif

Technical Analyst

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Usama Moeen

Business Manager

Energy Monitoring

We are the top energy monitoring service in Pakistan. With expert industry knowledge, we tailor customized energy plans to fit any client. Our services and solutions provide clients with cutting-edge energy monitoring to optimize energy consumption. With our support, clients can benefit from improved energy management whether it's for their home, office, or major industrial operation. We take pride in providing top-level service, support, and guidance to help clients elevate their energy management practices.

Load Visibility

Our solution helps you understand your energy usage, reduce waste, and save money. With real-time tracking, you can easily identify areas to improve efficiency and lower costs. The solution is customizable for your organization’s specific needs.


Hassle-free Integration

Our web-based dashboard provides easy access to critical information from any device. Stay organized and productive with a user-friendly interface on desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Receive regular reports through email or push notifications to stay ahead of the game. Stay informed and on top of your data with our flexible and accessible state-of-the-art dashboard.


Monitor each appliance

We provide unique and exceptional appliance monitoring services with individual attention and separate monitoring for optimum performance. We are affordable without compromising quality or features. Choose us for unbeatable satisfaction!


Friendly Interfaces

We provide user friendly dashboards as well as custom software to help you monitor our forecasts in real time. Tidy visualizations and live statistics keep help our clients stay informed of why they continue to trust our quality!

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